Regardless of how disappointed one can be in the failure of a prospect that was thought to have much  potential, the show must go on. However, in cases like these in order for the show to go on there is a ton of damage control that must first be done. When a “manager” fails to manage over a period of time in a building full of staff that is far less than appropriately trained to begin with you are pretty much left wit a shit show of epic proportions.

When a child is left to supervise other children there will be problems. When an individual without any motivation or work ethic is left to manage people that desperately need to see a motivated person work ethically there will be problems. Specifically, financial problems. The list of things to watch out for in a restaurant can sound endless. Every single thing that you touch or don’t touch in a restaurant relates to the bottom line. Teaching this seemingly obvious lesson is ultimately the goal of every serious restaurateur whether they know it or not. This lesson however is far less glamorous than say, teaching a young cook how to make a good stock or how to use a cool piece of equipment or teaching a young server the subtle nuances of attending to and serving a guest without compromising the core values of the restaurant. No, this lesson can only be taught to a certain group of folks that have the capability to pause when nobody else has the capacity because they cannot handle the stress and look at their surroundings with dollar signs in their eyes becoming painfully aware of the matrix that is a restaurant’s overhead.

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