Over the last several months i have spent a lot of time in three different restaurants. What i have found to be the most interesting discovery in my scattered daily cooking life is that i find it much easier to focus on either of the two projects that i am not directly immersed in at that moment. In other words, i find that my creative process is more fine tuned to Union for instance when i am actually working lunch at Station Street. I have ideas for tons of dishes for NaCl while i am loading the smoker full of brisket in the morning at Union and hell, both Union and Station Street were conceived while i was working middle station at NaCl on a busy Saturday night. Stepping away from the task at hand for a moment can apparently, at least for me provide a sense of clarity and vision that is not so easy to put a finger on when in the middle of your first of a long string of eighteen hour days with no end in sight. These three projects are so different in nature that many folks have asked how can you go from thinking about hot dogs to monkfish liver to bbq chicken in the same day? Honestly, as the days go on and this scenario becomes more real, it is becoming apparent that all three are connected not just by me but by their proximity to each other, the impression that we are trying to leave with people and the fact that the foods that we are presenting should have a very noticeable connection to one another simply in how they are prepared and served. In some ways, having the capability of jumping from joint to joint could turn out to be a valuable tool in the process of advancing existing concepts by looking at them daily from very different points of view.


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