Turns out what i so eloquently described as “shitty” barbeque (which at the time to me was exemplified by the chain restaurant, baby food rib style, covered in candy sweet-smoke flavored syrup) was not what people wanted at all. People actually know much more about barbecue than perhaps i even had the capacity to realize since i am so ready to assume that i know best when it comes to these matters of food integrity. It is not at all that people don’t know what they are talking about, they know precisely what it is that they want. That is the fact that i could not wrap my brain around until a good friend put it into perspective for me. “When you take a food like barbeque, one that has always carried a strong level of familiarity and thus a level of expectation and visual as well as taste recognition…especially in a place where there are simply not that many options…then you almost have to adhere to one very specific style or be forced to go the opposite route and be everything and every style with every sauce and every favorite side dish to everybody.” 


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